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Because this is the place of belonging that I made with those kids, who descended like angels before me after I lost my purpose in life.
hi i'm miloh!! ・ 17 ∙ he/him ・ libra/infp ・

❥sae is my amazing qpp and i love her so much


don't follow if:

  • you fit the basic dfi criteria (homophobic, racist, transphobic, etc)
  • you support trump in any way
  • you support/like rape/noncon as long as it's fictional
  • you like/support incestous/abusive/pedophilic ships and it's not for coping
  • you'll drag me into drama/discourses i'm not even part of
  • you hate ra*bits or 2wink

best to not follow if:

  • you don't like anything here
  • you don't feel comfortable with shitpost
  • you are uncomfortable with "i want to die"/death jokes. i say it a lot so you might not feel ok with those
  • you're here to hate follow me. it's a waste of your time since all i do is talk about my faves; mostly ra*bits so..
  • 18↑ + follow = ok
  • follow reqs are OK!!
  • selective follow back
  • block / softblock / unfollow / mute OK
  • ・i'd like you to break mutuals if you're going to have me muted all the time!! but i wouldn't mind if you mute me for a certain period of time tho・
  • spanish is my first language. english/español is ok!
  • i change my layout way too much, sorry if it's annoying/it confuses you!!
  • my tweets may contain nsfw text sometimes (nothing serious, all jokes)
  • i tend to unfollow after a few days if you don't follow back
  • please tag the things on my blacklist

  • let me know if i forgot to tag something / i did something wrong
  • feel free to talk to me!!! i might be awkward at first but i like to make new friends!
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