don't follow if:

you fit the basic dfi criteria (homophobic, racist, transphobic, etc)

you support trump in any way

you support/like rape/noncon as long as it's fictional

you like/support incestous/abusive/pedophilic ships and it's not for coping

you'll drag me into drama/discourses i'm not even part of

you strongly dislike/hate one of my faves and talk about it a lot

best to not follow if:

you are uncomfortable with shitpost

you are uncomfortable with "i want to die"/death jokes. i say i want to die a lot so you might not feel ok with it

you will have me muted all the time. i wouldn't mind if you muted me for a certain period of time tho!

you dislike/hate ra*bits. i talk about them a lot so you won't have a good time following me


18+ people following me is ok!

follow reqs when locked are ok!!

selective follow back. i usually softblock people if i have no intention of following back

i lock and unlock my account a lot

i don't like having a lot of tweets, so i delete everything when i hit 10k tweets! sorry if this is annoying

block / softblock / unfollow / mute ok

my tweets may contain nsfw text sometimes (nothing serious, all jokes)

i tend to unfollow after a few days if you don't follow back

please tag pics/videos of clowns, explicit rape stories/fanart/etc, animal/child abuse

let me know if i forgot to tag something / i did something wrong

i LOVE all animals!! especially rats, cats and bunnies! being tagged in any pics/videos of animals is always appreciated

feel free to talk to me!!! i might be awkward at first but i like to make new friends!